Indian Key Snorkel

Location: East side of Indian Key in Marathon Florida
LAT/LONGĀ 24.877140, -80.676070

Description: Indian Key is a tiny island only accessible by boat. The West side of the island has sea grass growing in quicksand like muck. The East side of the island has eroded limestone with water depths of one foot to about six feet. This is where you want to snorkel.
Notes For this Snorkel: We kayaked out to the island from Robbie’s. After getting trapped in the muck on the West side of the island we paddled over to the East side of the island where we found pretty decent shallow water snorkeling.
Parking: Parking is free and there was a place for us to park our kayak trailer.
Amenities: Food, fresh water showers, souvenir shops, kayak rentals, charters and more.

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