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Snorkeling the Isola di Lolando Ruins in Biscayne Bay

Location: The ruins of the unfinished artificial island Isola di Lolando in Biscayne Bay.
LAT/LONG 25.809000, -80.159000
Description: Back in the nineteen twenties, artificial islands were being built in Biscayne Bay. This particular island was never finished and only the outer pilings are left. The ruins are around eighty years old so soft and hard corals have grown on them. They are in water that is between five to ten feet deep. Being protected from boat traffic, an abundance of sea life can now be found amongst the pilings of what would have been the outer seawall of the island.
Notes For this Snorkel: We kayaked out to the ruins from Barry Kutun Boat Ramp. The bay was very choppy making the water conditions less than ideal for snorkeling so visibility wasn’t great. It is a place that we plan on revisiting on a calmer day.

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Critters spotted this snorkel:Colorful soft and hard corals, sea grass, schools of small fish, crabs and a stingrays.

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