Location: Curry Hammock State Park in Marathon
LAT/LONG 24.739270, -80.976577
Description: The water in the park is generally shallow with the bottom covered in seagrass. It is teeming with fish and invertebrate life.
Notes For this Snorkel: We used or kayaks to get out about a half mile and donned our snorkel gear. The water was very warm and less than five feet deep in most areas with sea grass growing on the bottom. We were pleasantly surprised at the abundance of stuff to look at. Large starfish, horseshoe crabs, hermit cabs, colorful snails and huge schools of small fish along with various small creatures. After the last two days snorkeling in rough seas with Moon jellyfish this turned out to be a very pleasant and relaxing snorkel.

Cost To Enter Park: $5.00 per vehicle and there was a place for us to park our kayak trailer with a very nice beach launch area.
Amenities: Fresh water showers and public restrooms.
Critters: Thick schools of small fish,  sponges, starfish crabs,  horseshoe crabs, hermit cabs, colorful snails and critters hidden in the grasses.