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Snorkeling in the Gulf Stream

Location: Left from Broward County in Florida and headed out a bit over three miles to the Gulf Stream.
LAT/LONG 26.0973000000,-80.0166972222
Description: The water was around 800 feet deep with a 3.5 knot current.
Notes For this Snorkel: After spending most of the day with a friend on his boat snorkeling the shallow reefs near Fort Lauderdale Beach we headed out a bit over three miles to the Gulf Stream. Knowing that the water was way too deep to actually see the bottom we did it anyway just to see what it was like. We let the boat drift in the Gulf Stream as we held onto a tow line coming from the back of the boat. The water was the most breathtakingly beautiful shade of blue with huge amounts of plankton swimming by. No mater which way you looked you would see the sunlight dancing in the water on its way down as far as the light could penetrate. It was scary and beautiful at the same time.
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Critters: Plankton by the billons