Location: A few hundred yards or so from the shore of Fort Lauderdale’s beach.
LAT/LONG 26.110203, -80.091267
Description: There are rocky reefs that run along the length of Fort Lauderdale beach. They are accessible from the shore if you are a good swimmer but accessing them from a boat is even better as it gives you a place to relax between snorkels.
Notes For this Snorkel: We have been having a lot of storms lately so despite conditions favorable to boating and snorkeling on this day the water wasn’t as clear as we had hoped but still very enjoyable.
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Critters: Scatted schools of small fish,  star, brain, elkhorn and staghorn coral along with other types of , sea fans, sea urchins, nurse sharks, puffer fish, cow fish, parrot fish, trigger fish and lots of other critters depending on how hard one looks.