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Snorkeling Under The Blue Heron Bridge

Location: Riviera Beach in Palm Beach County under the east side of The Blue Heron Bridge
LAT/LONGĀ 26.78331, -80.04063
Description: This Riviera Beach location under the Blue Heron Bridge. There are actually two bridges at this location with lots of small critters, stingrays and some larger fish. It is best to dive at slack high tide.
Notes For this Snorkel: We had kayaked out to Peanut Island from Phil Foster Park and timed it so that on our way back it would be slack high tide. After beaching our kayaks, we put on our snorkel gear and went in the water. Unfortunately on this day there was a huge amount of people learning to scuba dive. The scuba divers had kicked up a lot of sediment so visibility was not great.
We plan on returning to this location, hopefully on a less busier day and snorkeling both the west side and the east side bridges.
Parking: Parking is free.
Amenities: Restrooms can be found at Phil Foster Park

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