I can’t believe it has been this long since getting out on the water and snorkeling.  This winter was a warm one with unusually rough oceans almost every day. We have been really missing snorkeling, but the ocean has finally started calming down. We got up at sunrise and went to the Lauderdale By The Sea pier that is just a few miles from where we live.
Location: Just a short drive north of Fort Lauderdale beach is the Lauderdale By The Sea Anglin’s Pier at the end of Commercial Blvd.
LAT/LONG 26.188833, -80.093333
Description: The reefs here are rocky reefs with three reef systems at depths of about 12 to 18 feet with the first reef being 100 feet from shore. If you continue swimming east about 200 more feet you come to a thin band of reef with even more ledges. Be sure to bring a dive flag and to stay at least 300 feet from the pier.

Notes For this Snorkel: We got there just as the tide started going out. Water was very clear but there was a strong current and the wind turned our dive flag into a sail. The water was 77˚F which is a bit chilly but I can deal with it. It was too cold for my partner though. So after swimming out to the reef we had to swim back to shore so that she could put her wetsuit on. We went back out a second time but swimming out to the reef and then swimming back in and then swimming back out wore me out so we didn’t stay out that long. After taking a break my partner swam back out to the reef while I relaxed on the shore.

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Parking: Depending on the day get there very early or be ready to spend sometime finding a parking space. There is metered parking all along the street that takes credit cards, change, paper money and pay by phone that costs $1.25 per hour or you can park at the pier for a flat fee of $10 for the day. There is also limited metered parking one block south at Datura Ave at $1.25 per hour and the meters there are quarters only. On this day we went for the $10 pier parking since we planned on being there most of the day.
Amenities: Fresh water showers, food and shopping.
Critters spotted this snorkel: Despite great conditions there wasn’t a lot of fish or critters this day but there were some schools of fish, a small nurse shark, sea fans, colorful soft and hard corals, other small critters amongst the rocks and coral.