South Side Jetty of Port of Palm Beach

Location: South side jetty of the Port of Palm Beach
LAT/LONG 26.77107, -80.03300
Description: This is a jetty built out of granite boulders that has been there long enough for coral to start living on the boulders.
Notes For this Snorkel: We were going to the “End Of Summer Peanut Island Beach Party” and decided to do some snorkeling first. We’ve snorkeled the waters around Peanut Island before and have been rather disappointed as the artificial reefs there aren’t old enough to have developed yet. Knowing this we headed out to the inlet that is on the east side of Peanut Island in search of better snorkeling. At first we tried the north side of the inlet but the waters were way too rough due to boat traffic and the tide coming in so we headed to the south side of the jetty. We decided to beach our kayaks there and snorkel along the beach side of the jetty.
Snorkeling here turned out to be a real treat with life teaming everywhere. Coral has established itself on the jetty and the fish didn’t seem to be frightened by our presence. The water was crystal clear until the tide started going out so that is when we swam back to our kayaks, kayaked over to Peanut Island and showed up a few hours late for the party.
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Parking: If you need boat trailer parking it is $10 for the day otherwise parking is free.
Amenities: Restrooms at Phil Foster Park boat ramp. Fresh water showers, food and rest rooms are at Peanut Island
Critters spotted this snorkel: Hard corals, schools of Sergeant Major fish, Puffers, Surgeonfish, sea urchins, Needlefish and other assorted fish.

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