Location: About a mile south of the Commercial Pier and 2500 feet from shore
LAT/LONG 26.174940, -80.089385
Description: This is a shallow reef within swimming distance from shore with average depths of 10 feet.
Notes For this Snorkel:  This was the last reef we visited on this day. It’s a reef that we have been to before and we named it Christy’s Reef since she is the one that spotted it first on the GPS and is within easy swimming distance from shore if you are a good swimmer. The Moon jellyfish were still present but not in large numbers so only some of us wore our rash guards. This was by far the best reef that we visited this day and it being slack low tide made it even better.
[youtube id=”G4ZTLH2aVV8″ width=”1280″ height=”720″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]
Critters seen on this snorkel: Schools of brightly colored small fish, parrot fish, patches of coral, sea fans, sponges, lobster poking out from under ledges, sea urchins and numerous invertebrates.