I’ve lived in Southeast Florida most of my life and have been snorkeling for as long as I’ve lived here.


I love the ease of snorkeling compared to scuba diving as there is far less equipment required. That isn’t to say snorkeling doesn’t involve far more than just a mask and snorkel. Over the years, I’ve gotten very safety conscious and then there are little things that make snorkeling easier and more comfortable.


Being able to squeeze a snorkel into a busy life means minimal hassle getting into the water so most of the time it’s within a short swimming distance from the beach. That isn’t to say sometimes other options aren’t used to get out to a reef. Kayaks are a great way to get out to the reefs. Sometimes a ride is hitched on a friend’s boat and other times a commercial snorkel tour is an option to get out to a reef that are still shallow but miles offshore.


You can snorkel from just about any beach in Southeast Florida but some are far better than others. The very best snorkeling is in the Florida Keys. In this blog, I’ll post videos and pics of places that I snorkel along with any costs involved, ease of access and most important of all, how to locate the snorkel spots visited.


I’ll also blog about the snorkel gear that I’ve come to use over the years. A snorkel and mask will get you going but a pair of fins will make swimming much easier. Safety equipment like a snorkeling vest, whistle and dive flag will keep you safe. Seasonal snorkeling gear allow will snorkeling in Southeast Florida year round. Equipment like rash guards for seasonal sea pests like sea lice and jellyfish plus a thin wetsuit for use in the cooler water in the winter months. All of this will make you more buoyant so a weight belt may be required.


Naturally you will also want a gear bag to hold everything once your collection of snorkeling gear starts growing.